"As a neighbourhood Supporter coordinator I have found that as well as assisting with crime you also are a person who assists with the wellbeing of people and when people require some support, you become the most important to some peoples lives.

Thank you for your support so that I have been able to pass on and enrich our society.

Graham Bennett"

"It was around mid-April this year when my family and I found ourselves in a very distressing situation at home and did not know who to turn to for help and support. Luckily I found the contact details for Neighbourhood Support North Shore and sent them an email explaining my terrifying ordeal.
I was quite surprised to receive such a prompt and sincere response from their manager Roz, who not only gave me clear guidance as to what I needed to do but also supplied me with all the relevant information and contact details for people I should get in touch with. She also notified our Neighbourhood Support Street Contact of the situation and arranged a visit to our house. This made us feel really supported and that we are not alone.
In the following days, Neighbourhood Support continued to check in on our well-being and also put us in contact with our local Community Constable. We felt so relieved when the matter was resolved the following week and we could go back to our normal lives without fear and anxiety.

Through this experience, I would high recommend Neighbourhood Support North Shore to anyone, because of them my family and I feel safer and know we are supported and connected to people around us who care.

Hong hua Xie"