Personal Safety


There are a number of ways to reduce the chance of your handbag / wallet etc being taken. These crimes are easy pickings for offenders, and it requires little planning and will take the victim by surprise.

  • Carry your bag so it cannot be snatched from behind.
  • When walking near moving vehicles, hold your bag on the side away from the traffic.
  • Avoid isolated areas.
  • Consider keeping your cards, keys and mobile phone separate from your bag.
  • Never let your bag out of your sight.
  • When shopping secure your bag to the trolley.
  • Never leave your bag open.
  • Keep your doors locked when travelling in a motor vehicle.
  • Ensure people cannot lean into your vehicle through an open windows.
  • Keep your bag out of sight.
  • Park in places where there are lots of people.
  • Check before you get out of your car for any suspicious people loitering nearby.
  • Never leave bags / valuables on display in an unattended vehicle.
  • Always have your keys in your hand when you return to your car. This means you can unlock your car immediately.
  • Hold onto your handbag until you are inside the vehicle and don’t place it on the ground or roof of car.


  • Withdraw only small amounts of money from ATM machines at any one time.
  • Try to shop using only cards, reduce the amount of cash you carry.
  • Shield your PIN number be alert for people watching you, this is often called shoulder surfing.
  • If you have to use an ATM at night, try to find one in an area that is busy and well lit.
  • Carry only the cards you require at that time leave the rest at home.
  • Keep record and account numbers of all credit cards at home.
  • Never supply anyone your PIN number. Banks and Police do not even require them.
  • Don’t have easily guessed PIN Numbers.
  • Try to memorise your number.
  • Use different PINS for different cards.
  • Match credit cards statements with your receipts.
  • Report any theft or loss of card immediately to your bank


You are not always going to see the bad guy, but there are things to be aware of that can assist.

  • Cars with several persons in it, waiting in the car park, often wearing hoods etc.
  • Vehicles backed into car park with driver sitting in it. Maybe aiming for quick getaway.
  • Vehicles with engines running.
  • Suspicious people waiting close to a vehicle whose driver is waiting in the vehicle.
  • Vehicles missing number plates or have plates that are incorrectly attached, indicating possible stolen plate.
  • Most offenders do not wish confrontation, if they feel they have been sprung they will normally leave.
  • Make it obvious you are watching them.
  • Take note of registration.
  • Speak to security about the vehicle or persons.>
  • While watching use a mobile phone, either to call or pretend to.


  • No property is worth being hurt or killed for.
  • Do as you are told if confronted.
  • Be vigilant
  • Call police immediately whenever you see a suspicious person or vehicle.