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Neighbourhood Support North Shore (NSNS) is a non-profit charitable organisation, fully reliant on donations, sponsorship and grants to fund our efforts to connect neighbours for safer communities. We are a lean organisation, with only one paid part-time employee, supported by a wide network of volunteers.


By making a donation to Neighbourhood Support North Shore, you are supporting our work to make the North Shore’s homes, streets, and communities safer, more caring places in which to live.
Please make a tax-deductible donation today via an e-payment to our account: 02-0112-0286533-000.
We are an IRD-approved Donee Organisation. If you provide your full name, email address, date of donation and donation amount to, then we will send you a tax receipt at the end of the tax year which you can submit to IRD to claim your tax deduction. In most cases, IRD will give a 33.3% deduction for each donation– so if you donate $100, you will receive $33 back at the end of the year, effectively only giving $67, while we receive the full $100.  You can find more information about tax credits for donations here:
If you are a local business, you have the option of becoming a NSNS 2018 Sponsor for a one-off $50 to $100 donation, for which you will receive an official “Neighbourhood Support Proud Sponsor in 2018” postcard magnet to demonstrate your business’ commitment to your local community– see the postcard magnet image at the top of the page.
Sponsors can also benefit from our IRD-approved Donee Organisation status, and claim a tax deduction at the end of the year. Contact Jacquie at for more information about Sponsorship.
Thanks to all our generous donors and sponsors for your much-needed support!
You can also sign up to Buzz the People, which is a survey site.  For every survey you take, $1 is donated to NSNS.
Register via this link and opt to be a Supporter of Neighbourhood Support North Shore:
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