New Zealand Police Codes

These codes are provided for information only.


Alpha Bravo Charlie Delta Echo
Foxtrot Golf Hotel India Juliet
Kilo Lima Mike November Oscar
Papa Quebec Romeo Sierra Tango
Uniform Victor Whiskey X-Ray Yankee

OFFENCE CODES (4 digits)

1st digit - General offence category

1 = Violence
2 = Sexual
3 = Drugs/Anti social
4 = Dishonesty
5 = Property Damage
6 = Miscellaneous
7 = Administrative

2nd 3rd and 4th digit - Progressively more information about offence.

For example: 42114322
4 = Dishonesty
2 = Vehicles
1 = unlawful taking
1 = Motor vehicle
(i.e. "pinching cars")
4 = Dishonesty
3 = theft of property
2 = From shop
2 = value under $500
(i.e. Shoplifting)

1410Grievous Assaults
1510Serious Assaults
1640Minor Assaults
1810Group Assemblies
2210Sexual Affronts
2510Indecent Videos
2610Sexual Attacks
2710Abnormal Sex
2810Immoral Behaviour
2910Immoral Behaviour/Miscellaneous
3110Drugs (Not Cannabis)
3210Drugs (Cannabis Only)
3610Vagrancy Offences
3710Family Offences
3910Liquor Offences
4211Car Conversion
5120Property damage
5210Endangering property
6310Animals (Neglect & Cruelty)
6520Postal/Rail/Fire Service Abuses
6820Firearms Offences
7110Offences Against Justice
7210Births/Deaths & Marriages
7510Against National Interest
7610Bylaw Breaches

INCIDENT CODES (1 digit / 1 letter)

1AAlarm Sounding 2AAdvise Relatives/Owner
1BBomb Threat 2BRecruiting
1CCar/Person Acting Suspiciously 2CCivil Dispute
1DDomestic Dispute 2DOfficial Request for Information
1EEmergency/Disaster/Spill 2ERemove fences/structures/vegetation
1FAssist Fire/Ambulance 2FFirearms Licensing
1GSolvent Abuse 2GLiquor Licensing/Vetting
1HDrunk Home 2HDraw Raffle
1IBlockage/Breakdown on Highway 2IInformation
1JJuvenile Complaint 2KFound Property
1KDrunk Custody/Detox Centre 2LLost Property
1LLand Rescue 2MMissing Person
1MMental 2NCivil Court Process
1NNoise Control 2OCourt Orders
1PPremises Insecure 2PPublic Relations
1QBreach Graduated Drivers License 2QJury List Vetting
1RBreach of the Peace 2RRecovery of motor vehicle
1SSudden Death 2SSummons
1TTruancy 2TWarrant to Arrest/Fines Enforcement
1UTraffic Incident 2UWarrant of Seizure
1VVehicle Collision 2VValidation
1WWater/Sea Rescue/Emergency 2WArrest Warrant (Other)
1XAttempted Suicide 2YStock/Animals
1ZOther Incident 2ZOther Service Request/Response
3AAttend Scene of Crime, Incident 4AAttend Scene, Meeting, Course, Other
3BBeat 4BMortuary Procedure
3CCrime Prevention Advice 4CCorrespondence/Counter
3DDog Care/Maintenance 4DDemonstration Duty
3EEmployee Vetting 4EEscort Duty
3FFoot Patrol 4FFingerprint Examination
3GWatchhouse/Counter Duty 4GTravel
3HHotel Visit 4HPhotography Job
3JComm Centre Duty 4IInjury/Sickness
3KKeys Taken 4JCourt Security (Prison Escort)
3MDirected Patrol 4KCourt Attendance (Witness, etc.)
3OOther Vetting 4LLogistics/Staff Transport
3RRoad Checkpoint 4MMeal break
3SServe Summons/Execute Arrest Warrant 4NVictim Advice
3TStop Person / Car 4PPublic Entertainment Duty
3VStaff Visit/Supervision 4QEnquiry/Investigation
3WWatching/Observations 4SVehicle servicing i.e. petrol/LPG
3XVideo Job 4ULockup
3YOther School Talks 4VVIP/DPS
3ZOther Preventative Task 4WWitness/Other Person Protection
   4XExecute Search Warrant
   4ZAirport Security
5KBail Check 6DBreach of Bail


K1No further police action required
K3No offence disclosed (for incident initially reported as offences)
K9Arrest made.
The following codes are now obsolete but may still be heard on the radio
K2Event held until later (replaced by the term "pre-empt")
K4Warning given (now included in K6)
K5Police form 258 or 101 submitted (now included in K6)
K7Job left for expert (code no longer used)
K8Job left for prime unit (code no longer used)
10-0Off duty EVEnter Vehicle
10-1Broadcast to all units LVLocate stolen vehicle
10-2En-route to job QAFV Query Address Family Violence
10-3 Available QDH Query Drivers History
10-4Repeat your last message QECQuery Engine/Chassis number
10-5Out of service for a short time (now obsolete) QFQuery File
10-6Change channel.... QGQuery Firearm License
10-7Arrived at job QNFVQuery Name FamilyViolence
10-8Busy but available QPQuery Person
10-9Urgent Message QRQuery Vehicle register
10-10Officer requires immediate assistance QVQuery Vehicle of interest (VOI)
   QVAQuery something to do with offence history
   QVHQuery History of license holder
   QVRQuery VOI and Register (combination of QV and QR)
   QYQuery Property


47Report for the Coroner POIPerson of interest
56See EBA (refers to section 56 of Land Transport Act 1998) PRNPerson record number
58See EBA (refers to section 58 of Transport Act 1962) PseudoA drivers license with no classes, generally a disqualified driver.
101form for reporting minor offences (Pol101) QIDOfficer ident number
258General purpose police report form (Pol258) SAPSafe Arrival Point
AOSArmed Offenders Squad SITREPSituation Report
ASAPAs Soon As Possible SOCOScene of Crimes Officer (Forensic)
CADComputer Assisted Dispatch system SSGSpecialist Search Group
CAUChild Abuse Unit STGSpecial Tactics Group
CIBCriminal Investigation Branch (detectives) STUStrategic Traffic Unit
CIUCombined Investigative Unit (detectives and uniformed officers) STATUS-DDisqualified
CISCriminal Intelligence Section STATUS-SStolen
CRBCriminal Registration Branch (Photos/Fingerprints) STATUS-WWanted
CVIUCommercial Vehicle Investigation Unit SwitchyComputer terminal message
DAODuly Appointed Officer TARTraffic accident report
DLICNODrivers Licence Number TESSATelecom Phone No. database
DPSDiplomatic Protection Squad TONTraffic offence notice
EAGLEPolice Helicopter TPTeam Policing
EBAExcess Breath Alcohol (drunk driver) TSBTraffic Safety Branch
FlagsAdditional info attached to a persons file, usually a warning. TYPolice vehicle involved in crash (derived from the treasury (ty) form that has to be filled in afterwards)
GBHGrievous Bodily Harm VOIVehicle of Interest
GDBGeneral Duties Branch (Uniformed Officers) WTAWarrant To Arrest
InformantPerson who has reported or witnessed an offence. WTIWanted To Interview
IONInfringement offence notice YASYouth Aid Section
MastersA file containing a person's criminal history. YESYouth Education Section
MPRMiscellaneous property report File NumberNumber assigned to police file by the Wanganui Computer e.g. 971225/3456
NISNational Intelligence System Event numberNumber assigned to an incident dispatched from the comms centre by the CAD system
NorthcomNorthern Communications Centre (Auckland)   
OROffence Report   


Callsigns of units operating under CAD control are made up as follows:
Two letters indicating the unit home station
(e.g. AK Auckland Central, TN Takapuna, WN Wellington Central etc)

A letter indicating the unit type One or two digits to indicate the specific unit identity.
e.g. AKX3 is an Auckland Central CIB (Detective) unit SVH13 is an Auckland Motorways Traffic unit

Unit type codes (third letter) are as follows:
ACommissioned officer (inspector) NSenior Sergeant
BBeat Unit OCommunity Constable
CCrime Car (CIB patrol for initial
attendance at serious crimes)
PTeam Policing Unit
DDog patrol QSingle crewed unit attends historic incidents
EUniform Enquiry unit RRural Constable
FFingerprints/Photographs SGeneral Duties Sergeant
GLogistics TGeneral Traffic unit
HHighway/Motorway traffic unit UAir Support Unit
IIncident Patrol (Uniform) VTraffic Sergeant
JCombined investigative unit WMisc Traffic units
KScene of Crime officer (SOCO) XMisc CIB units
LPolice Launch YYouth Aid/Education
MMounted patrol (Horses/Bicycles) ZDiplomatic Protection Squad